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MSU Extension Spring Schedule MSU Extension Spring Schedule

Michigan State University Extension Services for West Michigan Families

Michigan State University recently reached out to us to make sure we are aware of their community services in West Michigan.  I have looked at their offerings and they appear to provide information and classes and subjects that could be valuable to our client.  Some of the subjects are: 

  1. Parenting and being a nurturing family
  2. Co-parenting for divorced/separated/never married parents
  3. Stress less with mindfulness
  4. Alternatives to anger
  5. Basic money management
  6. Nutrition and cooking

As a person that is interested in lifelong learning, I am interested in exploring MSU's offerings and have signed up to attend Mindfulness for Parents and Caregivers: Helping Kids Manage Stress on April 25.  You can check out their other classes at  Attached are some of their fliers for upcome events.


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