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As if it isn’t hard enough to sell a house it is even harder when you are doing so while going through a divorce.  Local Realtor Julie Grevengoed of JGR Real Estate and attorney Ivan Shaw of ADAM teamed up to come up with this list of tips for navigating the sale of a home during a divorce aimed at making sure the home sells fast and for the best price.

  1. Use the whole closet.  Some home buyers try to take advantage of the seller’s misfortune.  If a buyer suspects a divorce is a reason for the sale, the buyer may try to lowball the seller.
  2. Be picky about your realtor.  Divorce is not just hard on the husband and wife; it can also be hard on the people that come into contact with them.  That is particularly true if that person is the Realtor that must work with both of them.  Find a realtor both parties can trust and a realtor that has experience working with divorcing couples.   You will be most successful if your realtor is impartial, compassionate and patient.
  3. Make sure that the person who is occupying the home has the motivation sell it.  If the spouse that moved out is the one making the payments, which continue may continue until it sells, this can lead to an unmotivated person living in the home.  Selling a home requires a lot of logistics such as making time for showing, cleaning up before open houses and fixing little cosmetic flaws.  An unmotivated person is not likely to follow through with these details and may get fewer and smaller offers.  Consider some type of incentive for the occupying spouse, or a time frame on how long payments will be made.

You deserve the special attention of an experienced professional when facing a divorce or home sale.  The Realtors at juliegr.com and attorneys at ADAMGR.com are here to help you.  Please call us with any of your real estate or divorce needs.  

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