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Super Drunk Driving

Drunk Driving Defense Attorneys

Effective October 31, 2010 if you are pulled over and you have a blood alcohol content (BAC) of .17 or more you can be charged with the new "Super Drunk Driver" offense. This new offense carries increased driver's license sanctions and requires a ignition interlock to be installed in your car.

If you are pulled over or arrested for drunk driving you should remain polite and cooperative but DO NOT make any confessions or admissions to anyone. It is vital that you seek an experienced criminal defense attorney before making any statements to the police or other law enforcement officials. You have the right to have the police take you to a reasonable testing site of your choosing.
At Arnson VanTol Law, PLC, in Grand Rapids, Michigan, our lawyers will aggressively defend your interests, and work to minimize fines and penalties in your case.

Know your rights. Protect your future.

Drunk driving far over the limit will increase penalties, including fines. In some cases, defendants will be forced into mandatory jail time. Our attorneys are experienced in challenging evidence obtained through Breathalyzers, blood and urine samples, as well as field sobriety tests. In cases of super drunk driving, it is particularly important to work with an advocate who can defend your interests at every step.

Our attorneys are experienced in cases involving:

• Drunk driving under age 21
• Driver's license restoration
• Drunk driving accidents
• OWI/DUI defense
• Driving away from the scene of an accident
• Driving on a Suspended License

When faced with a conviction, you want experienced counsel and advocacy as soon as possible. The sooner our legal team can become involved in your case, the more likely we are to successfully defeat charges in your case. In some cases, a conviction means automatic license suspension. Take action now to minimize the penalties and a conviction in your case.

We can help you understand your options and develop a legal strategy to protect your rights. Call 616-828-0216 or contact us by e-mail to schedule a confidential consultation with one of our Grand Rapids super drunk driving criminal defense lawyers.

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