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Collaborative Divorce: An Alternative Approach for Your Family’s Transition

Collaborative divorce is a voluntary process designed to resolve your family’s transition to two households in a family-focused and more amicable way. For couples who need and desire a healthy working relationship after a divorce the traditional approach may have long-lasting negative consequences. As an alternative, collaborative divorce is a process that promotes healthier relationships between divorcing couples during and after the divorce.

Collaborative Divorce was established by attorneys frustrated with traditional court-focused divorces that can be seen to reward one spouse over another and encourage winner-takes-all positions. The collaborative process is done privately outside of the courts by professionals trained to resolve the kind of disputes that often arise in divorce.

In a collaborative divorce, both parties work together with a professional divorce coach. The divorce coach serves in a neutral capacity and is skilled in finding common ground and helping couples resolve competing priorities. The divorce coach is not a judge and cannot dictate outcomes; rather the coach works with the couple to determine the best solution.

Attorneys are an important part of the collaborative divorce process and your Shaw Law Group attorney will still be there to ensure you are treated fairly throughout the entire process.
Some key benefits of Collaborative Divorce may include:

  • More satisfying and private process.
  • More durable resolutions.
  • Better Co-Parenting when children are involved.
  • Privacy of not having to discuss personal and family matters in open court.
  • Privacy of not having to disclose financial statements in open court.
  • Reduced risk of losing top priorities.
  • More effective and open communication.
  • More neutral, relaxed space for meetings and conversations compared to a courtroom.
  • Ability to engage mental health and financial consultants in your discussions.
  • Ability to dissolve your marriage with dignity and respect.

Is Collaborative Divorce Right for Your Family?
If you are approaching divorce in an amicable manner yet may still face difficulty in resolving complex issues such as custody, income or assets collaborative divorce could be right for you.

Conflicts that arise in divorce can be difficult to manage. Resolving disagreements in collaborative divorce, designed to reach a mutually agreeable resolution without damaging you and your relationships, might be the solution for you are looking for.

If Collaborative Divorce seems like something that would work for your family, call Arnson VanTol Law, PLC!

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