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In Michigan, probate courts are specialized courts with limited authority to handle particular types of legal claims. Among other things, probate courts ensure the orderly transfer of property following a death and determine the appropriateness of establishing adult guardianships.

At the law firm of Arnson VanTol Law, PLC, we provide skilled legal representation for people who have legal matters pending before probate courts. Although we devote our legal practice primarily to protecting the rights of men in divorce, clients we have worked with previously trust us to handle a wide range of legal matters. Our practice within the probate court has developed as the result of requests from our returning clients.

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Providing Skilled Representation in Probate Courts

Our practice within the probate courts focuses on two major concerns, administering estates and establishing adult guardianships.

Estate Administration: Following the death of a person with any significant assets or property, probate courts are responsible for overseeing the orderly transfer of this property. We guide estate administrators through the administration process, ensuring that administrators follow the proper procedures.
Adult Guardianships: As a rule, adults have legal authority to make their own decisions. Unfortunately, due to a combination of age or illness, some people lose the ability to make sound decisions. Establishing a guardianship gives a caretaker the legal authority to care for someone who is unable to care for themselves.

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